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Advisory Board Positions Currently Available

The Compassion Action Network (CAN) is currently accepting applications for Advisory Board Member positions for individuals representing a local non-profit, school, faith community, health care provider or  governmental agency. 


What does being an Advisory Board Member Involve?


Advisory Board Members provide overall administrative leadership, strategic vision and direction to CAN while actively supporting the mission of CAN.  Board members serve a 2-year term, committing to 3 hours of service per month.  

Being a board member includes:

  • active participation in the CAN Connect Events and Board meetings

  • assisting in planning, coordinating & conducting CAN Events

  • visibly representing CAN

  • promoting community participation in CAN

  • acting as an ambassador in your sphere of influence


Who is Eligible to Apply?


CAN is seeking individuals who demonstrate a desire to work collaboratively to leverage community assets within Anoka County.   Eligible applicants will:

  • Possess leadership skills and experience

  • Demonstrate a commitment to working collaboratively with partner organizations to leverage community assets and participation

  • Be comfortable with decision-making

  • Be familiar with and supportive of the work of CAN

  • Be a member of the Anoka County community

  • Have approval from employer to commit to working with CAN during typical workday hours

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